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                  Obed-Emory System



Water Quality (1 bad 3 good)


Scenery (1 bad 3 good)  




Watershed Map (to find location and size of creek) Click Here

Special thanks to Steve Zerefos for making the map.


Little Clear Creek

"This is the one you make laps on"


Min Gradient 85 feet per mile
Max Gradient 170 feet per mile





This isn't free but it is VERY paddler friendly


Here is Erik's hostel and is his contact info is on Facebook.


Here is his link


Click Here for Erik's hostel and camping





Overview From Bill McKinney:

The last rapid which you have as unnamed was originally called "Hairlip" but is now called "Oh Yeah" much more pc.
As far as I know We made the first descent on Little Clear in 88.  We had 2 locals stop and warn us about the waterfall in there.  That was pretty neat because at the time a lot of local folks were still upset by the use of Imminent Domain for getting riverside land for the Wild and Scenic System.




This is in our opinion is probably the best creek in the Obed-Emory system. The shuttle is short
and sweet. The take-out is nice and has a place to change (although the locals give it hell there)
The put-in is also a piece of cake, the shuttle is even easier. Unlike most of the Obed-Emory runs.
And to top it off, the creek is world class just straight up fun. Hard fun, not it's going to kill
you hard, but just good ole' creekin'. If you like horizon lines, you will fall in love with this

Another reason to love this run. If you have a group of intermediates and a group of advanced boaters.You both can be happy. One group can go paddle Jett to Lilly on the regular Clear Creek run, and theycan run laps. The advanced group can go run laps on Little Clear Creek. After the day you can swap stories at the same take-out.

Class III.9



If you would like to see some nice video footage of the Obed-Emory streams and other East Tennessee streams please enjoy Chris Arp's website CLICK HERE.


        Here is another Little Clear Creek video that shows a lot of the run





Access Issues:

No major issues except mind the local land owners

Level Needed:

Please see our flowpage.


Paddlers Gage: Here is the min. level



Remember to always use I-40 and Hwy 27 as your base guideline to get your bearings.


Look on page 57 of your Tennessee Gazetteer, then look for State Hwy 62, Hwy 62 crosses this creek.
You literally can't miss it.


The takeout is at Lilly Bridge on Clear Creek, once again look at your Tennessee Gazetteer. Look for
the Lilly Bridge sign, off of Hwy 62. You have to go out of your way to miss this one.

The shuttle takes way under 10 minutes.

Special thanks to Ben Scott, for all of his intel on his backyard run.


The Creek:

Unlike most Obed streams this one gets going pretty quick, due to the nature of the streambed,
in the first section of the creek, it has always been known for trees, so for your first run,
be on the lookout, and be aware. You second or third run you can pick up the pace.


The Trees in the start of the run.....





Here is the beginning of the run........




Here is Alex Vargas in the beginning rapids ....



Leap of Faith Rapid: Class III.9

Once past the tree section there is a sweet triple drop named "Leap of Faith" Which is a good
name. It has a nice horizon line, but this is a sweet drop, because its straight forward
creekin'. All you have to do, is be ready for a strong brace, boof and keep your bow up.
Like I said its straight forward creekin. Scout it for your first run (trees remember)
then for the next run you can Blue Angel this nice rapid.


                                                Leap of Faith Rapid Paddler Mike "Louie" Lewis




                     Here is the boof in the middle of the drop...paddler Mark Cumnock...photo by Mike Lewis





         Brad Sutton and John McConville looking back up at the bottom of the triple drop on Little Clear

                                                                                Photo by Mark Hammock



Novacaine Rapid: Class IV.7

Okay now the next one comes up, and it could be debated this is the hardest run of the creek.
Just depends if you walk it or run it, if it is hard or not. "Novacaine" comes up. This a slot
move, and has the undercut that comes into play. Most walk this one. This rapid seems misplaced
when compared to the rest of the run.


                                                                   Novacaine Rapid



"Boofalicious Rapid": Class III.9

Next is the cooliest rapid on the run, even the name is cool."Boofalicious" is coming up. A
cool 8 +/- foot. This one lands on a pillow, and very similar to "pillow" on Blackoak Creek in
Alabama, its like landing on a matress.Run it straight on and enjoy the ride.


Mike "Louie" Lewis running Boofalicious......



The most fun is coming right up. Your landmark will be an island that you can take look at
see what is going on. This is the most technical of the drops. Old School Paddling helps
here, go log style and float and use the water. It's harder than it looks. Enjoy the ride.

Beginning of the fun....



                                                                        Paddler Mike Lewis


Bottom of the fun.....


                                                                         Paddler Alex Vargas



After the island rapid......paddler Alex Vargas


Then it mellows out......


From here, you take your time looking for trees, swap the lead and just eddy hop your way
to Clear Creek.

then you hit Clear Creek......







***Warning label***

Whitewater paddling is VERY Dangerous, and you should get instruction before ever attempting even to paddle flatwater. One of contributors to this web site has personally helped bury 3 kayaking friends, this isn't a joke. Whitewater paddling can ruin your life through accidents and can effect your family and friends throughout a lifetime.

The information on this page is incomplete, inaccurate, and very unreliable.   Use with caution.  Whitewater paddling is a dangerous sport and the information here is not a substitute for actual knowledge and skill.  The authors are not liable for your actions. Go ahead and kill yourself if you want to, but don't blame others for you actions and decisions that you will make on and off the river.

***Warning label***



Our hemlocks are dying on the ridge due to the woolly adelgid infestation. You can find out more at the Save Our Hemlocks website: http://www.saveourhemlocks.org/


To learn even more click here


The Picture below is depressing to say the least...






Picture courtesy of KnoxNews.com



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