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Island Creek


Obed-Emory System






             Picture of Dooley Tombras Running "Rockhouse"



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Watershed Map (to find location and size of creek) Click Here

Special thanks to Steve Zerfos for making the map.


Island Creek-Lower

Class III.8



This isn't free but it is VERY paddler friendly


Here is Erik's hostel and is his contact info is on Facebook.


Here is his link


Click Here for Erik's hostel and camping







If you would like to see some nice video footage of the Obed-Emory streams and other East Tennessee streams please enjoy Chris Arp's website CLICK HERE.


                      Here is another video showing Island Creek










  Island Creek TN from Sean Camp on Vimeo




Gradient 120 per mile.

Access Issue:

The Catoosa road is only open during when it IS NOT HUNTING SEASON. You must check with the T.W.R.A.
(Catoosa Wildlife Management Area) to see when you can have access. The T.W.R.A. will fine boaters for
breaking the rules.



Remember to always use I-40 and Hwy 27 as your base guideline to get your bearings. Use page 58 of your Gazetteer.


Find the Catoosa Road ,leaving Wartburg Tennessee, then once driving, you will come across Nemo Bridge.
(Once you paddle Island Creek you will paddle upstream on the Emory to Nemo Bridge for your take-out)

You can take-out further downstream at Camp Austin on the Emory. You are better off paddling upstream.

Edit: We use to do this aka Heart Attack back up stream it sucks.


Take-Out: From Brandon Hughett:

Find the Catoosa Road ,leaving Wartburg Tennessee, then once driving, you will come to  Nemo Bridge. Just before Nemo Bridge, take a dirt road to the left for about a quarter mile. Look for a trail down the hill on the right to the Emory River bank. This is your takeout.


Above is the takeout info for Island Creek. The info listed is not accurate because it is nearly impossible to paddle upstream to Nemo Bridge. Also, it is nearly unheard of to paddle all the way to Camp Austin.



Leave Nemo bridge and continue driving on Catoosa Road. At the Catoosa Checking station take the fork
in the road, to the left. Then in a little bit you will drive by Island Creek. You will cross Island
Creek this is your put-in


Please see our flowpage.


Camping info from Brandon Hughett:

Here's an option for camping for Island Creek right by the takeout.


Rock Creek Campground is located on river right across the Nemo Bridge.



Access: From Brandon Hughett:

There is a verbal agreement with one of the TWRA officers, thanks to Chuck Estes., that we can access the put-in during hunts. The put-in is about a 1/4 mile inside the boundary. We've been doing that for many years. There is nothing in writing but it's one of those local things I guess with the local TWRA officer.




Island Creek is fun run, once considered hair.(14 ft kayaks and Blue Hole Canoes) With
better equipment and techniques has made Island Creek much more manageable.

Most of the rapids are straightforward creeking, with the hardest rapid being Compound Fracture.
Compound has had a little help. In the past the rapid was dynamited at the turn of the last
century, to help in logging. the rock is manky. But on the grand scheme of things it's not that
bad, when you compare it to other runs. Suck Creek and the Lower Cullasaja are
manky. Compound is short and sweet, and also an easy walk.

For the most part, boat scouting can get you by ,some of the drops are tight. You should be
conscience of trees. This is a small stream , and now that the Southern Pine Beetle has has its
way with the area, and the Hemlocks are the next to have
a big die off. You need to be aware.

The Rapids:


For the first 1/2 mile you beat and bounce down the river bed, until you come to the first rapid,
named Slip-n-Slide. This one seems it was lifted off of White's Creek off of Walden's Ridge.

Write Yer' Mama:

After Slip-n-Slide you will run some Class II.6 water then you will come into the first Class III.8.
Your landmark for this one is to be looking for an undercut, beside a cliff wall on the left. This
is the longest major rapid on the run, it's a little over a football field long in length. You will
pick this one apart by going an eddy at a time.

Compound Fracture:

Will be coming up, you will keep an eye for boulders/rumble piled up on river left. You can scout
Compound on river left. This rapid is straight-forward stuff. It just has penalty points at higher

RockHouse Rapid:

Is the "fun-est" rapid on the river. It's a 10 foot slide,into a pool.


              Picture of Dooley Tombras Running "Compound Fracture"









***Warning label***

Whitewater paddling is VERY Dangerous, and you should get instruction before ever attempting even to paddle flatwater. One of contributors to this web site has personally helped bury 3 kayaking friends, this isn't a joke. Whitewater paddling can ruin your life through accidents and can effect your family and friends throughout a lifetime.

The information on this page is incomplete, inaccurate, and very unreliable.   Use with caution.  Whitewater paddling is a dangerous sport and the information here is not a substitute for actual knowledge and skill.  The authors are not liable for your actions. Go ahead and kill yourself if you want to, but don't blame others for you actions and decisions that you will make on and off the river.

***Warning label***



Our hemlocks are dying on the ridge due to the woolly adelgid infestation. You can find out more at the Save Our Hemlocks website: http://www.saveourhemlocks.org/


To learn even more click here


The Picture below is depressing to say the least...






Picture courtesy of KnoxNews.com



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