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Crooked Fork


Obed-Emory System


Class IV.6






   Paddler Justin Owens firing up Lamance Falls



 Photo by Mark Hammock


Water Quality (1 bad 3 good)

Scenery (1 bad 3 good)         




Watershed Map (to find location and size of creek) Click Here

Special thanks to Steve Zerefos for making the map.


Crooked Fork


Class IV.5




This isn't free but it is VERY paddler friendly


Here is Erik's hostel and is his contact info is on Facebook.


Here is his link


Click Here for Erik's hostel and camping





If you would like to see some nice video footage of the Obed-Emory streams and other East Tennessee streams please enjoy Chris Arp's website CLICK HERE.


                                                        Here is another video showing Crooked Fork







Here is Brandon Hughett's Video:






Avg min: 68


Avg max: 180


Please see our flowpage.


                                                       Here is a picture of the put-in and the gage



                                                Photo by Mike "Louie" Lewis, Paddler Carol Westwood


Crooked Fork is noted to be one that holds it's water fairly well, due to its bigger watershed,
and is one of the last to drop out in the area. And it also noted for it's three big drops and its
polluted water. Most people paddle it once and never come back due to a sewage treatment plant
being located upstream of the put-in. YACK! "The solution to pollution is dilution" So on high
water days, more  turbulence is released in the stream. Guess when you paddle. Yep "high water" days.



Remember to always use Hwy 27 as your base guideline to get your bearings.


Is a piece of cake. It's on U.S. Hwy 27. (You avoid Lamance Falls)

Put-in# 2

Upper Potters Falls put-in.

Find Wartburg, look for road Potters Falls Drive. Drive on it leaving Wartburg. It will cross a bridge. he bridge
crossing is Crooked Fork. This area is full of meth heads and it is not recommended
to park here.


               Paddler Curt Ruffing enjoying Lower Potter's Falls


Photo by Mark D'Agostino



Is Camp Austin:

Drive on U.S. Hwy 27, then at the intersection of Tenn. Hwy. 29 turn right. From here you will go
to Oakdale. From here turn right, onto the county road that follows the Emory. You will park at
Camp Austin.

The Creek:

The first 1/2 mile is fairly flat, plenty of time for you to notice the crappy water quality. You
will paddle for awhile then you will come to an island, most of the water is heading river left.
You are now approaching Lamance Falls.

Lamance Falls:

Is the biggest drop on the river and about 30 feet down. You need to scout this one due to its
landing. The crux move is to land between two rocks, while trying to land in the soft water and
not the green hard water. A Oregon Tuck doesn't help here due to the landing. Look for a flake on
the top of the drop to help guide you for your bottom landing. You can portage on river left. A
flat landing in the green water has broken backs, so be careful here.








Lower Potters Falls , Paddler  Mike "Louie" Lewis , Photo furnished by the GDI Canoe Club

Rock Jumble Area:

After Lamance you will paddle thru the hardest part of the creek. The rocks are known to hang you
up and for the most part most are undercut. Not bad for undercuts, but really bad for foot entrapments.
Stupid pins and broaches can happen in this section also.

Shot of rOCK jUMbLE being run.........................................................................................................................



                                                             Paddler Mick Knox Photo by Stu Thompson

Upper Potter's Falls:

Upper Potter's is a 17 footer that is beyond easy to run. You scout it on river left. You can run it
down the middle or on the river left side of the falls.

Shot of Upper Potter's being run.........................................................................................................................


                                                                Paddler Jim Wei Photo by Stu Thompson



    Picture of Andrew Westwood running the center line of Upper Potter's Photo furnished by the GDI Canoe Club

Lower Potter's Falls:

Lower Potter's lands on rock and is about a 12 foot drop. The trick to running it is, first of all not
to land flat. DUH! To run it, take your approach on river left and be mindful of the sticky holes
above the drop. Use the big tree on river right for your air traffic control to line yourself up.
Slowly go off the drop, at a 45 degree angle, you want a glancing blow to hit the rock slab with.





Bottom view of Lower Potters, photo furnished by GDI Canoe Club


After Lower Potter's it slows down to Class III, and before long it turns into flatwater. Crooked has
a little more for you, it narrows up and near the end you have a 5 foot drop to deal with. Nothing
over the top. Once you hit the Emory you have 2 miles of paddling/floating to Camp Austin.

 Last Ledge on Crooked Fork


Stu Thompson in the Barbie boat" :-)



***Warning label***

Whitewater paddling is VERY Dangerous, and you should get instruction before ever attempting even to paddle flatwater. One of contributors to this web site has personally helped bury 3 kayaking friends, this isn't a joke. Whitewater paddling can ruin your life through accidents and can effect your family and friends throughout a lifetime.

The information on this page is incomplete, inaccurate, and very unreliable.   Use with caution.  Whitewater paddling is a dangerous sport and the information here is not a substitute for actual knowledge and skill.  The authors are not liable for your actions. Go ahead and kill yourself if you want to, but don't blame others for you actions and decisions that you will make on and off the river.

***Warning label***



Our hemlocks are dying on the ridge due to the woolly adelgid infestation. You can find out more at the Save Our Hemlocks website: http://www.saveourhemlocks.org/


To learn even more click here


The Picture below is depressing to say the least...






Picture courtesy of KnoxNews.com



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