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Waldens Ridge Creeks


Class III (and up)


Big Possum

Coal Creek

Fall  Creek

Mammy’s Creek

Upper White’s Creek

Lower White’s Creek

Soak Creek


Class III.5 (and up)


Basin Creek

Bumbee Creek

Duskin Creek

Piney Creek (River)

Moccasin Creek

Roaring Creek

Rock Creek


Class IV (and up)


Board Camp Creek

Cooper Creek

Dunlap Creek

McGill Creek

North Chick

North Suck Creek

Paine Creek

Piney Creek (Tiny Piney) 

Rock House Branch

Stinging Fork


Class IV.5 (and up)


Cain Creek

Clear Creek

Deep Creek

Little Piney

Little Possum

Little Soddy

Mullens Creek

Suck Creek )


Class V (and up)


Brush Creek

Henderson Creek

Middle Creek )

Morgan Creek (Polebridge)

Soddy Creek

South Suck Creek







Class III (and up)


Big Fiery Gizzard Creek


 Little Fiery Gizzard Creek




Class IV (and up)




Big Brush Creek




 Class IV.5 (and up)


Hicks Creek (Stone Coal Bank/Kelly Creek)


Pocket Creek


Savage Creek





Class V (and up)



Griffin Creek

Little Brush Creek


Woodcock Creek



Lookout Mountain Runs



Class IV.5 (and up)




Class V (and up)




  Allen Creek


  Bear Creek


  Daniel Creek


  Dickson Creek


   Gulf Creek



   Rock Creek (Lula Lake)



Obed-Emory Creeks



Class II (and up)


 Clear Creek-Upper Section (Obed-Emory)

Clear Creek Lilly to Jett and Jett to Nemo (Obed-Emory)

Clear Fork-Gatewood to Brewster (Obed-Emory)

Clear Fork- Brewster to Burnt Mill (Obed-Emory)

Clear Fork-Burnt Mill Bridge to Confluence with New River

Daddy's Creek -Upper Section  Center Bridge to Antioch (Obed-Emory)

Daddy's Creek  Upper Section Near Hwy 127 to Hwy 68 (Obed-Emory) (Obed-Emory)

Emory River  Nemo to Oakdale (Obed-Emory)

Little Emory Creek (Obed-Emory)



Class III (and up)


Crab Orchard (Obed-Emory)

Daddy's Creek Devils Breakfast Table (DBT) (Obed-Emory)

Obed River Devil's Breakfast Table D.B.T. Section (Obed-Emory)

Obed River Gould's Bend Section (Obed-Emory)

Emory River Canyon (Obed-Emory)

Mud Lick Creek (Obed-Emory)



Class IV (and up)



Crooked Fork (Obed-Emory)


Daddy's Creek Canyon (Obed-Emory)


Island Creek (Obed-Emory)

Little Clear Creek (Obed-Emory)

Yellow Creek -(Obed Emory)




Class V (and up)


Bridge Creek (Obed-Emory)


Hurricane Creek (Obed-Emory)



Tellico-Ocoee-Hiwassee Area Creeks




These creeks are listed in alphabetical order and classification. (see below)


Class IV.5

Bald River-Tellico Trib- Tellico Area


Class III.8

Big Creek-Ocoee Area (Take-Out across from private boater take-out on Ocoee)



Bullet Creek-Hiwassee Area


Class V


Citico Creek-Tellico Area


Class IV


Coker Creek-Tellico Area


Class IV.6


Conasauga River-Tellico Area


Class IV.6



Doublecamp Creek Tellico (Citico) Area


Class IV.4


Gee Creek-Ocoee Area


Class V


Goforth Creek-Ocoee Trib


Class IV.



Hiwassee River(Dries) Upper-Hiwassee Area  

Class IV


Hiwassee River-Hiwassee Area


Class IV.9


Jacks River-Ocoee Area 


Class 4.9

Laurel Creek -Tellico Side Creek


Class III 

North River -Tellico Area


Class III.9



Ocoee River-Upper


Class III.8


Ocoee River-Middle


Class III.6


Ocoee River-Lower  

Class I



Santeetlah Creek Tellico Area


Class IV.9


Tellico River-Upper


Class III.9


Tellico River-Lower


Class III.4


Turkey Creek-Tellico Area


Class V


Turtletown Creek 

Class IV.7


Wildcat Creek-Tellico Area


Class IV.8


Wolf Creek-Hiwassee Area


Class IV.8


Yellow Creek-Creek - Hiwassee Area











 Alum Cave-Walker Camp Prong    Class V.5

 Doe River -Gorge  Blevins Bridge to Highway 19e  Class IV.3

Doe, Laurel Fork Dennis Cove to Hampton  Class V

Elk River  Class V

 Little River  Sinks Section    Class IV.3

 Little River -Elbow to "Y"     Class  III.3

 Little Pigeon, Middle Prong  Buck Fork to Ramsay Prong     Class IV-V

  Little Pigeon, Middle Prong  1. Ramsey Prong confluence to Bridge at Trailhead     Class V

  Little Pigeon, Middle Prong . "Ramsey's Cascades" trailhead to Porters Creek confluence Class IV.8

  Little Pigeon, Middle Prong . Porter's Creek Confluence to Hwy 73      Class III.7

  Little Pigeon, Middle Prong  Highway 73 to Richardson Cove     Class III.4

  Little Pigeon, West Prong, Roaring Fork  Second Bridge down to Park Boundary     Class IV.7

  Little Pigeon, West Prong .Chimneys Trailhead to Chimneys Picnic Area     Class V

  Little Pigeon, West Prong  Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook     Class V

  Little Pigeon, West Prong .Campbell Overlook to Sugarlands Visitor Center     Class IV.7

  Lynn Camp Prong    Class IV.5

  Nolichucky River -Gorge    Class III

  Panther Creek    Class IV.5

  Pigeon River -Below Powerhouse     Class III.3

  Pigeon River -Lower       Class II.3

  Road Prong -Upper      Class V.3

  Road Prong-Above West Confluence     Class V.2

  Walker Camp Prong      Class IV.5

  Watauga River- Gorge Section     Class IV.5

  Watauga River Lower Section     Class II.6

  West Prong -Road Prong     Class V.3


The Western Plateau Creeks

These creeks are listed in alphabetical order and classification. (see below)


Bee Creek (Cumberland Plateau)


Class IV.4

Caney Fork-Clifty Bridge-to Bee Creek(Cumberland Plateau)


Class IV

Caney Fork-Bee Creek to Collins River(Cumberland Plateau)


Class II.5

Caney Fork -Rock Island(Cumberland Plateau)


Class III

Cane Creek-Fall Creek Falls Area (Cumberland Plateau)


Class IV.3

Clifty Creek (Cumberland Plateau)


Class V

Obey East Fork(Cumberland Plateau)


Class IV

Obey West Fork (Cumberland Plateau)


Class II.5


Pine Creek Centerhill Lake (Cumberland Plateau)


Class IV.4

Rocky River-Caney Fork(Cumberland Plateau)


Class II


Spring Creek(Cumberland Plateau)


Class III.7


Roaring River (Cumberland Plateau)